Frequently Asked Questions


Our prices vary depending on the option you select, the size of the group, and whether it is a domestic or international program. Please call or e-mail us so we may discuss your needs with you.

We come to you, because this is the most cost effective method of training as many in your group as possible.

A common question asked before our program. To understand radar, pilots have to understand weather, especially thunderstorms, and the atmosphere. Our program integrates all this information in a pilot-friendly and operationally practical manner removing many of the “radar mysteries” that pilots experience (like how a 40,000 thunderstorm may elude the aircraft radar). Feedback from corporate departments has been excellent, and scores and critiques from attendees consistently place us among the most popular and useful programs at major aviation safety venues and association conventions.

Yes, we take a break each hour and for lunch.

Yes, we can do more than one program, although only one program per day will be scheduled. Contact us for pricing.

No, not normally. However, we reserve the right to collect a 50% non-refundable security deposit if a client has previously canceled a scheduled program.

No, unless a non-refundable security deposit has been collected.

Yes, if a slot is available or there is a cancellation. However, our clients are professionals who have made a personal commitment to safety and to date, we’ve never had a customized program cancellation.

No, normally we do not allow our program to be recorded.

Our programs are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

As early as is practical. It is not uncommon for the majority of our program slots to be scheduled months in advance. Some clients book programs two years in advance.

No. We’ve had groups as small as two pilots and others with more than 100 attendees. Larger groups do require the coordination of additional details.

Clients must provide the facility and projection screen. Any meals/refreshments are at the discretion of the hosting client.

Yes. We’ve had engineering, maintenance, meteorology, marketing, and a variety of other professionals attend our program.

There are many benefits. First, like any skill, radar proficiency is not instantaneous—it takes practice. Having a program in the “off-season” provides months of opportunity for practice before the onset of peak thunderstorm season here in the United States. Second, very hazardous weather can occur in the fall/winter so pilots need to be prepared regardless of the month. Last, somewhere in the world, it is always thunderstorm season. Put all this together and it becomes obvious that any time of the year is a good time for our program.

Yes. Before clients are eligible for this option, they must have attended our full-day program.

Our POG is highly customized to the content of our comprehensive program. Only pilots who have attended our program are authorized to use our POG. Exception: Our POG may be used as a study guide in preparation for those intending to schedule a program.




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