Feedback from clients and attendees

Erik is one of the best-skilled lecturers I have seen—very clear, fantastic communicator, entertaining, and obviously understands the field.

Great job, very engaging presentation style. Excellent material, learned more about operational use of aviation wx radar in this one course than in 20-year naval aviation career.

An exceptional presentation, valuable information, every pilot should have this course. Useful for maintenance technicians also.

Excellent presentation. Great style of presentation as well. I was afraid a ‘radar’ class would be boring but your style made it very entertaining. The pilot operating guide is a fantastic tool.

Great and practical knowledge that can be applied to cockpit safety on your very next flight.

Very interesting presentation. Gain and tilt are common items that are misunderstood. I feel I have a much better understanding of how weather radar works. Thank you.

Excellent, clear and compelling presentation for both the pilot and non-pilot. Great slides. There wasn’t a question he couldn’t answer. Perfect pace. This was the best presentation in the conference.

Excellent content. Excellent organization. Excellent presentation.

Very good presentation—dynamic, concise presentation of material along with the very informative slides made this course a very good experience.

Great. My second time.

Wonderful job. I enjoyed the upbeat presentation style.

The best radar class ever.

Presentation was to an excellent standard. I will now feel more confident using radar.

Absolutely excellent! An education that will protect me and my employees through knowledge and practical understanding. Excellent balance of pictures/graphs to aide in our understanding.

Excellent speaker enthusiasm for the subject.

This was a great program, well prepared and professionally presented. Erik obviously has a passion for his subject and a huge reservoir of knowledge. We learned a lot of new info even though it was a recurrent session.

Outstanding presentation. Brought to the surface all of the things I forgot. Great refresher.

Excellent and timely presentation. Very operational, on task, moved along. Very visual.

Awesome presentation—well done. I liked the interjection of international reference.

10 years at an airline before here and I can say that your class is the BEST class I have ever attended. You presented a lot of information with tons of enthusiasm and tons of expertise.

Excellent presentation—relevant, flowing, tied together well. Interesting and practical. Appreciated the fast pace of the presentation as well as the slight slow-down to provide formulas/math techniques that require some thought. Well done! Would recommend the course to anyone.

Great course. Must have information for the safe operation of any flight.

A real eye opener....Erik was very enjoyable to listen to—I didn’t fall asleep once. Great presentation!

Excellent presentation. Real world info.

Fantastic training. Thanks for very excellent and professional training, absolutely worth every penny.

Great job! Excellent presentation and enjoyed the real life scenarios and expertise.

Best radar school I’ve attended so far.

Excellent. Wish I had this 15 years ago.

Very good course, Erik is very knowledgeable about this topic. Thanks for passing along some of your expertise.

What I like most about the RTI class versus others I have been through is the operational tone of the class. The technical data is kept to only what we as pilots need to know. The focus is kept to safe operation. It is also very helpful that the class is tailored to the type of radar equipment used.

Great practical training in a subject few pilots really understand.

Impressive presentation, dynamic and informative. Thank you.



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